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KEEXUENNL Thermal Underwear Slimming Protecting
  • KEEXUENNL Thermal Underwear Slimming Protecting
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Thermal Underwear Slimming Protecting - 2pc(black+pink) - CH187O76S22

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  • ♥Warm-keep + heat insulation: apply the German bayer superfine thermal insulation acrylic and high hygroscopic warm acrylic, the molecular motion of fabric fiber can produce heat as well and conduct to skin to achieve the effect of heat insulation.
  • ♥Intelligent temperature reminder: cuff printed with a heart, it will change color with the change of temperature.
  • ♥Protect mammary gland: add magnetic therapy function in the chest fabric, use the physical ability of magnetic field to help breast cell metabolism, improve the breast microcirculation, clear the mammary gland.
  • ♥Abdominal weight loss: the plant nanocapsule fabrics were used in the the fabric of the waist and abdomen, it will release the fat-burning and skin essence when skin contact with it, let you lose weight healthily in daily life or during sleep.
  • ♥Soft to skin: natural collagen fiber is added to the fabric, which is similar to human skin. It can also increase the smoothness of skin.

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