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Amanti Colored Collar Classic 18 5 34
  • Amanti Colored Collar Classic 18 5 34
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Rust Colored Men's Dress Shirt Collar Classic Button 18.5-34/35 - C411C5Y9RVJ

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  • 60% cotton - 40% polyester
  • 60 PERCENT COTTON 40 PERCENT POLYESTER FABRIC BLEND for maximum comfort and durability. The best in comfort, convenience, and style. Dress shirts are available in many diverse colors and shades. Browse through a collection of charming colors with this design for the best option to bring your outfit together. Utmost variety for any fashion trend. Since these dress shirts are composed mostly of cotton, they are focused on wearer comfort. They are machine washable thanks to their fabric blend.
  • REFINED DESIGN AND STYLE IN MIND. It's a unique blend unlike any other. The fabric combination is smooth and breathes well. Additional polyester is used so that the color of the shirt is preserved, and to hold the shape while preventing shrinkage. This stylish dress shirt design is tailored for a firm and sharp fit, specialized for the American market. The long sleeved design matches and compliments any wardrobe. Appropriate for casual, business, and formal dress.
  • CONVERTIBLE CUFFS AND EXTRA BUTTONS for optimal adjustments. The cuffs of these dress shirts are able to button together for different styles and occasions. They pair easily with accessories, such as cufflinks, or can go bare with only buttons. A simple feature like this allows the shirt to be presentable in every setting. Two extra buttons are included with every shirt. One button for the shirt's front placket, and the second is for the sleeve plackets.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE AND DRY CLEANABLE thanks to the balanced fabric composition of cotton and polyester. To keep the dress shirt in pristine condition while relying mostly on machine washing, only some light upkeep through occasional ironing will remove wrinkles. These shirts also have the option to be dry cleaned completely prevent wrinkles.
  • BEST SHIRTS FOR MEN'S FASHION. Dress shirt variations have one front breast pocket. The slim fit variations do not have this pocket. There's a perfect color and design for what you want to wear to any occasion. Convertible cuffs and long sleeves leave a lot of room and freedom to get the right look in the mirror. With all the colors and features, there's no match for this dress shirt style.

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